Since 2006, Wellington College in England has been pioneering the teaching of well-being lessons and WCIB has embraced the approach. Our well-being programme is made up of six strands and every lesson, session, workshop and discussion will contribute in some way towards developing one or more of the following six aspects:


Physical health: understanding the principal requirements of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


Positive relationships: exploring how best to define and develop positive relationships with fellow pupils, teachers, family members and others.


Perspective: building emotional resilience or a ‘psychological immune system’. This aims to help develop the thinking skills that enable pupils to overcome adversity.


Engagement: recognising the importance of maintaining a healthy curiosity about the world around us and a willingness to engage with it.


The world: understanding and promoting ways of living sustainably in a conspicuous consumer society. This strand also encourages pupils to consider their place in the world and help define a positive future role for themselves.


Meaning and purpose: working out our response to the questions life asks of us.

Well-being is an essential element of our continually evolving educational approach, as we aim to develop our pupils holistically, giving them the emotional resilience as well as the academic skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly-changing world.