Our five College values underpin everything we do at WCIB. They are kindness, courage, integrity, responsibility and respect. This enables everyone in the community to understand how we interact in a positive, meaningful, respectful and empathetic way. They encapsulate how we want Wellingtonians to act and what we want Wellingtonians to embrace.


The Wellington Identity encapsulates what makes an education at the WCIB so special: the unique thread which binds together all pupils who walk through our gates. We call it the Wellington Identity.


We want our pupils:


– To be INSPIRED by everything they do at Wellington, both inside and outside of the classroom, so they leave school as interested and interesting people.


– To adopt a genuinely INTELLECTUAL approach to their academic work and to their view of the world around them, in the knowledge that a Wellington education is only the beginning of an exciting and life-long journey of learning.


– To develop skills of true INDEPENDENCE, as those who can think, learn and cope independently will be the leaders and game-changers of the future.


– To be valued and developed as an INDIVIDUAL, so their Wellington experience is much more than just going to school – rather, it is the journey to self.


– To be INCLUSIVE in all dealings with other people, so they leave the College not in a bubble of privilege and elitism, but with the ability to engage with their local, national and international communities, and with a burning desire to do good in the world.